5 reasons to eat fruits in your breakfast

It’s widely known that fruit tends to ferment very fast, even more, when it is converted into juice. The process of fermentation of the fruit in the stomach is a subject of debate. Many people say it actually ferments once it’s consumed and others say the opposite. On the other hand, it has been debated that fiber takes even longer to be processed and absorbed by our body when is eaten with a full stomach. Several specialists have said that they can slow down the digestive process of other foods and cause feelings of heaviness, flatulence or discomfort in some cases. But the truth is that fruits are a powerful and indispensable food for our health, due to the list of nutrients that contribute to our body and well-being. In fact, fruits contain many vitamins and minerals which cannot be gotten from other sources.

5 Reasons to eat fruits at fasting:

  1. Your daily portion of antioxidants: Antioxidants are indispensable for our body due to they neutralize and protect our cells from free radicals, which cause aging and, in worst cases, diseases. So a breakfast full of fruits high in antioxidants will be the best way to get the daily doses of antioxidants needed. In addition, it will fill up vitality tank!
  2. Faster absorption of nutrients: Fruits are digested in the small intestine. If the stomach is full, the absorption of fruit’s nutrients will be deficient. With an empty stomach, fruits go straight down into the small intestine, and nutrients are absorbed faster and more efficiently. The digestion of fruits at fasting does not last more than half an hour. You will notice that straight away because you will be hungry soon, and then is when you will have the chance of having a delicious toast with avocado, spinach, and eggs. Tasty!
  3. Light option for people with bad appetite in the morning or who wish to prepare their stomach for breakfast: Besides their nutrients, fruits are very light so it is rare to feel stomach heaviness. That’s why I think it’s the perfect choice for those who have just woken up and wish to eat something light and nutritious. Don’t you agree they are the right choice to eat after waking up? Remember, we have been sleeping for, at least, 6-8 hours (without eating), so our bodies need fuel asap.
  4. It is not stored as fat: Fruits are a type of sugar called fructose, and it provides us energy; but when this energy is not used it becomes fat. Eating fruits at fasting or in the morning provides us with necessary and usable energy for the rest of the day, which does not give you the slightest chance of being stored because as soon as we get out of bed we start moving.
  5. Improve your metabolism: Due to the high content of vitamins and minerals, fruits improve metabolism because they provide nutrients needed to achieve a balance in our systems and hormones. They even optimize fat loss, according to a research done by the University of Pittsburgh (USA), due to they maintain and regulate the levels of insulin in our body.

Fruits are an essential food for health, but some people might be consuming too little and others too much. To achieve a nutritional balance, it is suggested to consume 2 servings daily. (I will talk about portions in a later article).

In conclusion, you should eat fruits when you feel it is convenient for you. Nonetheless, it is best at fasting, as a snack in the middle of the morning or 1-2 hours after lunch. Why? Just because their vitamins and mineral are processed faster and more efficiently. It will be for the benefit of digestion, good functioning, and performance of our organism.


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