With a personalised training program and nutritional guidance, you will be every day closer to your goals. Your training program is created based on your fitness level and specific goals: Fat loss, muscle gain, build strength or endurance.

I am a qualified personal trainer, fitness instructor, nutrition coach, chef and athlete. My philosophy is based on transforming body and mindset simultaneously to achieve the best results from inside out through healthy methods while building sustainable habits. Boosting energy levels and improving overall health are my main keys to help you achieve the best version of yourself.

I believe that you have what it takes to make the change you want

Hundreds of people like YOU have trained with my methods and have achieved long lasting results.


I had Maria as my personal trainer for 1 and 1/2 years and I would strongly recommend Maria for all your fitness and nutrition needs.
Maria pays very strong attention to detail when it comes to customising your fitness and nutrition program and she always ensures your form is perfect and correct for every rep you do! 
Maria also ensures that you go the extra mile in your training and ensures that you get out of your comfort zone!
Patrick Scarfo 

Working long hours and not being able to get out of the office is an ongoing challenge for me, I wanted to lose weight and feel great for my wedding day. I achieved exactly that.

Kerry Murphy

I lost 30 kg with Maria for my wedding. It was my goal and we achieved it in one year, I was so surprised by myself because I didn’t get socked in thinking how much I was losing every week. I was just training constantly with Maria’s guidance and program. Even though I was a bit difficult to work with (i know myself haha), Maria had the patience needed for the job, always a sweetheart. My wedding photos look stunning thanks to you!! 

 Lissa Cunningham


I have been training online with Maria for about 6 months now. She changed her training system/platform which now is even more amazing. The app makes such a big difference in how committed you feel, you actually feel like you want to train. Maria smashes my ass through the distance and I love it! (New York) 

 Ruby Jackson

My main goal for the second half of this year has been to get healthy.  With a change in diet and some basic cardio I lost approximately 20kg.  The two months of going to the gym has been great

Benjamin Kane


My goals were about improving the quality of everyday life by strengthening my weaknesses and building mobility. I’ve seen a major difference in my day to day life in the little things, which gives me a feeling of capability.

Jennifer Rouse 

Training with you has been an incredible experience all round (pretty much aware of because of my Instagram post). You’ve been made a difference to me and shown what fitness and training really means.

Jacqueline Hunter



All coaching online is done through the best training software, Trainerize 

  1. Sign up 
  2. Fill out the forms 
  3. Maria gets in touch with you 
  4. Maria makes your program
  5. Start changing your life! 

It’s that easy!

All programs are 100% personalised




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