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I always had a vocation for cooking and creating both healthy and tasty recipes. For that reason, I decided to study to be a Chef in a multicultural food paradise, Melbourne-Australia.

I began working in restaurants and hotels while I was studying hospitality and cookery (Chef). I was learning a lot of things whilst I was working, due to I worked in different places with various types of cuisines and, also, diverse job environments. Those gastronomic fusions and culinary diversities made me fall in love with my career, spontaneously. I started dreaming BIG!

Despite I had no spare time at all, I was always looking for new recipes on youtube and google and tried cooking different dishes in my house. Oh God! Smoke alarms went on and off numerous times when trying new things. My husband witnessed it!

Being a Chef is not easy at all, especially if you work and study simultaneously. After few months, I began experiencing lower back pain and legs swelling due to being up for long periods of time continuously. I have always been a woman who overcomes challenges. For that reason, I thought it was not a big deal.

Although I thought I was in the right place, I usually felt kinda empty off and on and sometimes confused about what I was feeling or thinking about.

As time went by, my lower back pain worsened. One day, I was in so much pain that I could not stop crying. Then, I understood that my body had been trying to talk to me and I never listened to it. So my body just collapsed

Despite I never stopped training (at least 4 days a week) my pain never went away. After few check-ups/examinations, we found out that I had a pinched nerve in my lower back. On top of that, I had leg circulation problems and insomnia as well.

The intense pain I experienced made me lean on my husband again and again. After that terrible experience, my husband pointed out something I had never noticed:

“You decide whether to continue like this or stop. Please take a break, recover yourself and create a new beginning upon this experience.”

Then is when I decided to notify my resignation, dedicate myself to my recovery and start over.

I have always been very positive, so I never took this problem very seriously. I have always had a very good relationship with my body and I always knew that everything is recoverable; Including health, when you act on time.

It took me 6 months to be the same healthy girl without previous pains. During my recovery, I went several times to the doctor to check my back. I also treated myself with natural medicine, Chinese medicine, yoga and continuous training to achieve my total recovery.

On the one hand, the treatments, plus the perseverance, discipline, and patience were the keys to heal my body. On the other hand, my emotional recovery was also important. So all I needed to cope with my emotional harm were my husband’s unconditional support, along with my mother’s advice and encouragement messages from my brother from abroad. They helped me build up my self-esteem back again.

This process was a bit hard at first, but during that time something began to change within me. I went back to playing sports and took more seriously my health and well-being. As time went by, I realized that I had always played sports and had never had health problems in my life. After few discussions with my husband, he encouraged me to start my career in physical training and nutrition. So I started studying both while continuing my chef studies. Yes, 3 careers simultaneously.


What a way to start over! I was definitely going to come back reloaded in knowledge and experience. I just needed a little bit of patience and focusness. This is how I changed my life and turned my passion into a career which the only purpose is to improve others’.

Despite I have learnt a lot, I am always studying and improving to help my clients to reach the goals and improve their health. Anytime I read my client’s testimonies, I feel like I am in the right place and the right career. It makes me truly happy.

Life can be as beautiful as we want, that’s why we have to look after ourselves first, because we may be able to change our car, our shoes… but we can never change the body we are in. So love yourself and make a change!

Fitness lifestyle gave me back my personality, self-esteem, self-confidence, creativity, energy, happiness, body, well-being, stability, health and dreams.

We all have lifeguards. I’ve had 3: My mental strength, my husband, and fitness.

  • Maria

    Maria is a qualified personal trainer, fitness instructor, nutrition coach, Chef and athlete. Her philosophy is, basically, based on transforming body and mindset simultaneously to achieve the best results from inside out. Boosting energy levels and improving overall health are her main keys to help you out have the body you have always dreamed of. Her methods are 100% natural and healthy.


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