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With a personalised training program, you will be every day closer to your goals. Your training program is created based on your fitness level and specific goals: Fat loss, muscle gain, build strength or endurance.

I am a qualified personal trainer, fitness instructor, nutrition coach, chef and athlete. My philosophy is based on transforming body and mindset simultaneously to achieve the best results from inside out through healthy methods while building sustainable habits. Boosting energy levels and improving overall health are my main keys to help you achieve the best version of yourself.

I believe that you have what it takes to make the change you want!

Hundreds of people like YOU have trained with my methods and have achieved long lasting results.


My online coaching services provide a full personalised experience with total support and communication, which provides progressive training and sustainable results and has the closest system to one on one sessions. I also offers challenges, live Q&A and training sessions, and general fitness programs, depending on your goals, there is an option for everybody. All this through the best training software, Trainerize.

As a coach, I don’t only approach the aesthetic side of fitness but also at the mental and emotional side, so you can enjoy an overall lifestyle positive transformation.

For who is this program?

– For you that have no much or plenty of training experience.
– For you that are looking to boost your training.
– For you that are looking to bring your training to the next level.
– For you that are looking to build and improve your body.
– For you that are looking to start something new and fun.
– For you that are looking to improve your health and wellbeing.
– For you that are looking to obtain more useful tools.
– For you that are looking for the same experience as one on one training but without the high fees and schedule issues.
– For you that need specific and personalised training guidance for a competition, race or performance event.

This program includes:

• Personalised Training Program
• 1 weekly 30 min Q&A and posture/technique check live session with Maria through Zoom or Skype
• Monthly check-in
• Guidance through all the process
• Chat 24/7 with Maria
• Free habits tracker
• Before and After photos
• Free measurement guide
• General Nutritional Guidance (Not personalised)

Think about how would you be in 5 years if you don’t take action TODAY.

  • With more kilos extra
  • Less strong
  • Struggle to move and do regular things like taking the stairs
  • Unhappy in all aspects
  • Lower self-esteem
  • Less energy and commitment


My main focus are muscle building, core strength, fat loss and mind-body fitness. However, she is experienced with injury prevention, rehab, pre and postnatal training, sports performance and flexibility.

The coaching method is paid monthly and ongoing, but you can cancel anytime before the next month billing date.

  • Important notice: 
  • The program is monthly based/subscription based. In order to cancel, you should cancel before the next billing date, one week notice is required.
  • The coaching method is through app  
  • Please notice that the currency is AUD (Australian Dollars). Please allow 48-72 hours for the first program delivery.

After you perchase the product I will be in touch with you, if you have any other question please contact: 




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