Deliciously Healthy (eBook)

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This eBook contains everything you need to know to be more conscious and smarter about what you eat and you should eat. If you want to improve your eating habits, this eBook is for you!

“This eBook is the simplest and best way to understand nutrition.” Maria


When it comes to food, knowledge is power, so I would like to take you to this nutritious journey that will increase your awareness, knowledge and food love.

Being more conscious and smarter when choosing what to eat and what ingredients to use are 2 keys to developing a good relationship with healthy meals.


This eBook has 25 recipes specially designed to also complement the training “Move with me: 8-Weeks Fit Body Guide”. Both together will increase the chances of having faster and better results. A well-trained body in conjunction with new eating habits will, undoubtedly, transform your life so you can get the most out of it. Buy these two eBooks together to get 10.5% off!

It includes:

  • Loads of nutritional information 
  • 6 recipes – breakfast 
  • 6 recipes – lunch
  • 6 recipes – dinner
  • 7 recipes – snacks


This is not a diet eBook, but a guide to transform the way you see food and understand nutrition. Amazing recipes and loads of information are contained on it to help you out make the changes you have been dreaming of.

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