MIND & BODY BOOSTER #MoveWithMeChallenge – 4 Weeks challenge (eBook)



This eBook will help you achieve independence with fitness and nutrition. I will giving you the tools you need to understand the fundamentals of fitness and nutrition, I will answer common questions, clear common fitness and nutrition myths, help you to understand what’s healthy eating, how to eat and train for weight loss or muscle building,  quick and easy recipes, I explain supplementation and type of supplements, cheat meals and much more!

Apart from all of that I am also giving you workouts for 4 whole weeks. These workouts are divided into two series: Gym based and Home based (You can find the workouts on my Instagram feed).

So, are you ready to experience big changes?

Internal changes: 

  • -A whole new mindset 
  • -Clear goals 
  • -Clear values
  • -Increase focus 
  • – Be more determined
  • -Gut health improvement 
  • -Less bloating 
  • -Less water retention 
  • -More mobility, flexibility and strength 
  • -Whole new eating habits 
  • -Core and abdominal strength
  • -Development of fitness skills 

External changes:

  • -Muscle building 
  • -Fat loss 
  • -Possible improvements in skin, hair and nails health 

If you are don’t miss out this huge opportunity!



Are you ready to face a new challenge?

If you do, welcome to my MIND & BODY BOOSTER #MoveWithMeChallenge!

This is a 4 weeks challenge that you can start and redo whenever you want. Apart from training routines, you will also find on this ebook many tools to guide you through your whole fitness journey!


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