Corebuilding Ebook by Fitmariamaria



Pages: 143

For who is this ebook?

  • Someone that wishes to reconnect with their core
  • Someone looking to build a stronger core
  • Someone looking to build stronger abs
  • Someone dealing with lack of core activation when training
  • Someone looking to improve their relationship with food
  • Someone looking for a physyical and mental transformation
  • Someone looking to discover how to engage their core
  • Someone looking to improve overall performance
  • Pre and post natal women
  • Someone dealing with weak posture, stiff neck, stiff shoulders, stiff back
  • Someone wanting to recover from, treat or relieve lower back pain
  • Someone dealing with muscular imbalances
  • Someone looking to increase exercise difficulty in a progressive and smart way
  • Someone that’s looking for the tools to achieve optimal health

What you will find in this ebook

We will navigate together in the deep sea of the core. The core is complex and it involves different muscles that work together as a whole in order to provide you with enough stability, balance and strength to hold you up and make you move in an efficient way while staying away form injurie.

This ebook is a game changer when it comes to mindset, you will get the tools you need to expose the maximum potential of your mind.

You will find exercises to relieve lower back pain, improve abdominal endurance and strength, improve mobility, activation and stability.

Whatever is your fitness level, beginner, intermedia or advanced, you will find workouts that suit your current level and that will help you safely progress to the next.

No equipment? Not a problem 

There are gym and no equipment exercises in the ebook, what makes it perfect for those that workout at home too.


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