Virtual Training Sessions or Consultations

$80.00 $60.00


Are you ready to train one on one with Maria and have the best online fitness experience ever? You don’t have to worry about anything, Maria adjusts each session to your level and individual needs.

Whatever is your goal, build muscle, lose fat or move better, Maria got your back during each session.

The sessions can be gym or home based.

Each session has a duration of 1 hour, divided in: 15 min of intro and chat, and 45 min of training.

Each session is ran with passion and dedication, Maria will be training along you while guiding you with technique and posture.

Each session is paid and book separately through the website, this is to allow you more freedom with your schedule.

After the session is paid, Maria will get in touch with you via e-mail within 24 hours in order to proceed filling up the forms and arrange the day and time for your virtual session.

Once you book your first session and Maria gets your forms, you won’t have to pass through the same process again. After your first session, for future sessions, you will only need to pay for each session through the website and Maria will send you her schedule to choose a day and time straight away.

Not attachments here, Maria created this format to give you freedom, to train whenever you want and wherever you want.




  • You must have a Skype account
  • Refunds don’t apply
  • You can reschedule your session just one time per purchase




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