There is an efficient and safe way of moving in a daily basis and when exercising. Did you know that your core is what defines how efficiently you do all of these things? There is a correct way of engaging your core and no, it’s not sucking your belly in. Do you know what are the best exercises to activate your core, to improve your mobility and to develop your abdominals? Do you know how to properly breath when exercising? Do you know how a strong core can help you prevent, treat and relieve lower back pain? Do you know what exercises are the safest to perform during pregnancy and post-natal? Do you know how your core generates force and power? I answer these and many more questions on this ebook.

This ebook was inspired by hundreds of clients that have changed their life and body with my training methods and professional guidance, and the results they have obtained with my core workouts and core training philosophy. The core is one of my specialties as a coach and I have been obsessed with it since I recovered from my back injury. I invite you to take this trip through the deepest and unknown aspects of your core and to be part of this life changing experience.

Do you want to reconnect with your body, know how to build a more aesthetic core, improve your core activation and mobility, improve your performance in a daily basis and the gym, finally start seeing results, decrease your shoulder, back and neck stiffness, relieve lower back pain and get all the tools you need to maximising your performance and lifestyle?

Some of the topics we discuss on the 155 pages are: The core and spine, core muscles, core activation, mobility, strength, endurance, breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, core and posture, core and pregnancy, core training principles, core and other exercises, visible abs, genetics, nutrition, mindset and much more topics and information!

You will get: Core exercises for lower back pain, pregnancy safe core exercises, more than 20 programs for 8 weeks for beginner, intermediate and advanced level and more than 120 exercises with step by step photo. 


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